WPC / Composite

Nowadays WPC/Composite is an indispensable product for garden and terrace applications.

Tuindeco was one of the pioneer users when this product was introduced to the market. While having gained 5 years of experience, we now supply the Dutch and European market with large quantities of WPC/Composite.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is produced in an extruding process, using a balanced mix of pulverized wood fibres, plastic and additives. The additives provide a very strong bonding between wood fibres and plastic, the product colour and UV protection against discolouring. WPC has outstanding characteristics: 100% faultless, free of rot and splinters and virtually maintenance-free. Furthermore, WPC can be 100% recycled.

Thanks to the prolonged experience and acquired market position, Tuindeco is working closely with the manufacturer to look for innovation and product enhancements.
This has resulted in a newly developed decking board with various improvements in relation to physical characteristics.

High quality plastics
Nearly all suppliers in the Far East use multiple-recycled plastic from the local market.
The physical characteristics of this plastic have degraded due to the number of reuses, which obviously results in the deteriorating strength characteristics of the WPC. From 2013 onwards, our partner-manufacturer uses only high quality recycled plastic that is imported from Europe.

Highly improved physical characteristics
Due to the enhanced product composition and the application of high quality plastic, the physical characteristics of our WPC have strongly improved. Laboratory tests show an impressive 46% increase of the compressive yield strength.

Enhanced profile
With Tuindeco’s newly developed profile, wall thicknesses have been adapted and increased in various locations.

Furthermore, the edges have become a lot thicker. This has resulted in a profile with 14% more volume than the previous profile. Due to all mentioned improvements, Tuindeco can now provide decking boards that stand out from competitor products.

A different appearance
The consumers’ needs are changing continually. Tuindeco is trying to anticipate aptly on changing trends. Only recently, smoothly planed surfaces without distinctive features have increasingly become popular.

Our new profile design is therefore to have profiled surfaces on one side and smoothly planed surfaces on the other.

Stainless steel clips and their assembly
As assembly of decking boards is concerned, Tuindeco has changed from plastic to stainless steel clips.

Stainless steel clips match the physical characteristics of WPC better. Although stainless steel clips are slightly more expensive than plastic ones, they contribute much to a durably assembled terrace. You can find an extensive assembly manual of WPC/Composite via the link.

Assembly Manual WPC/ Composite