Cute Bo

Cute Bo

I’ve had some lovely pictures sent to me this week. One of them that really stood out is one of our little BO log cabins in 28mm logs. The lady who bought the cabin is an artist and needed a cozy studio to work from. This is the finished building showing some very tasteful pastel colours.

One of our BO log cabins, a small building measuring 2.6 x 2.2m. Really nicely painted in pastel colours

The BO log cabin makes for a very nice artists studio.

Mrs Gibb was kind enough to send us some pictures of the build which are always very appreciated as it does help other customers to see the install and transformation from a pile of wood to a finished log cabin.

tuindeco 3

Building the BO log cabin. Getting the walls and doors in is always the fun part for me. This is invariably the easiest part of an install as long as the base is straight, square and level

tuindeco 4

The roof purlins have been slotted into the apex and the 18mm roof boards are now being nailed on.

Mrs Gibbs Log cabin art studio. A really lovely looking small cabin and ideally suited for this task.

As well as the pictures Mrs Gibbs was also kind enough to leave a review of her log cabin:

I am delighted with the quality of my log cabin, it feels so solid. My son put it up by himself with a little help from a friend to fit the roof, the instructions were easy to follow, and all nails and screws were included. I am very pleased I chose to have roof shingles as it really finishes it off, one tip – it is much easier to cut the shingles with an old saw, don’t use a good one as they will blunt it, and there is no need to order the shingle glue as all the tacks needed were supplied. We ran out of shingles at one point but more were dispatched straight away, really good service. 
I will definitely recommend Tuin.

One last picture and thank you very much Mrs Gibbs, I hope you have many happy hours in your log cabin studio.

tuindeco 6

I always love the change of effects you can get when using solid colours on log cabins. I personally think this is a really nice colour combination.