Tuin Yorick Log Cabin Review

Tuin Yorick Log Cabin Review

Like other customers Ms G was kind enough to send in a detailed review of her experience and journey with her Yorick 45mm Double Glazed Log Cabin. This is Ms G’s notes:

I purchased a Yorick Cabin from Tuin earlier in the year.

I was cautious about buying a high value item without seeing it in a showroom, however following asking questions through the contact us section of the website, all of my questions were answered promptly.

I also thoroughly read the blog entries and other reviews. I found the blog to be really helpful, and provided me with sufficient instructions to build the foundations / pad for the cabin to sit on with confidence.

Its well worth reading the information regarding delivery of the cabin as in the case of the Yorick cabin, the pallet on which the cabin was delivered was approx 5m long, and therefore you need to make sure that there is somewhere appropriate for it to be delivered to.  See delivery below.

Yorick 1

Yorick log cabin delivery and packages

I had requested the instructions for the cabin prior to it being delivered – the instructions are made up of the plan for the cabin and a set of written instructions. Its well worth reading both in detail and running through the process of putting it together – as advised. I would say that putting the shed together is a lot like building lego, the pieces are all numbered and if you sort them all before you put it together it’s a pretty straight forward process.

Building the cabin

After a bacon sandwich – essential requirement – and each armed with a set of instructions we started building the cabin at about 9.00 in the morning, the wood base was already in place.  See progress below.


Yorick 2


Yorick 3


Yorick 4


Yorick 5


Yorick blokhut


Yorick 6


Yorick 7

The cabin was at the point of the purlins being in place by lunchtime (including time for a mid morning cake break) and the roof boards were on by 13:30. We used a level on each log we installed to make sure that they were fully slotted into the tongue and grove fitting, which worked really well and made sure the whole thing stayed level. It was a bit tricky fitting all the front windows and doors and its not very stable until the top log is on, but luckily we have a lot of hands to hold up the doors and windows, as it was a bit breezy when we put it up

The following day we added the extra insulation to the roof(50mm kingspan).

Although instructions were provided in relation to applying the EDPM roof, due to the size of it and wanting to make sure we got it right, we got a roofer with experience of EDPM fitting to help. (PLEASE NOTE: EPDM instructions are linked from the main installation page and are here: EPDM Roof Instructions for LOG CABINS)

Things which made the building of the shed go really well – or would have if I’d have thought about it

Preparation – all of my “gang” (me, my mum, my boyfriend, sister and brother in law) had all read the instructions over a few times before starting. For building this cabin, the more people available the better – although I think you could do it with two people, due to the size and weight of the window units, it was a lot easier having people to hold the windows and doors on the front in place until the beam that locked everything together was in place.

Make sure the base is completely square before starting- we checked by checking the diagonals and were about 1mm out which I think made the whole thing very easy – also level – the whole thing wont work if your base isn’t entirely level.

Yorick 9

Two mallets – you need at least two rubber mallets – ideally one per helper so you can all have a go –as its quite fun!

Try not to stand on the logs prior to assembling – I spent ages wiping off dog and cat paw prints and human foot prints prior to treating the logs.

Positive persuasion – to put the purlins in – they were a very snug fit and required a really good whack – good to remember that wood is very forgiving and will take some positive persuasion.

Things which could be better

  • The design of the cabin does not easily facilitate guttering, we worked out a way for it to work by dropping the rear facia board and adding a lip which would overhang guttering – it would be better if the cabin was designed to have guttering fitted as the roof of the cabin has a large surface area and good drainage is a key requirement.
  • Better instructions regarding fitting the roofing material, no written instructions were given, and when I asked for instructions I was told, its very straight forward and to just spray around the edges. I would thoroughly recommend looking at some YouTube videos re fitting an EDPM roof prior to fitting. (PLEASE NOTE: EPDM instructions are linked from the main installation page and are here: EPDM Roof Instructions for LOG CABINS)
  • I made an error – the nails I used to fit the facia boards – which are a significant feature – bled and so now the facia boards have black streaks on them – I can live with it, but with hindsight I would have bought better quality nails or used Brass screws, or treated the facia board before putting up.
  • The quality of the materials in terms of the wood and windows is great – although the fittings – the door handle and window stays are a bit cheap and cheerful, although accept that Tuin are great at log cabins and the log cabin bit couldn’t be better – would suggest that they spec the fittings slightly higher – ie to make sure that window stays match the window handles and the door handles.
  • A few pieces were missing from the kit – so it’s really important to check the kit once received to confirm all parts including fixtures and fittings are there – ie one of the foundation beams and all fixings – ie no screws or nails were provided. These were sent next day delivery when identified – which was fine – although would have been happy with something which specified the fixings required.
  • I think on the website they offer a service to pre treat the cabin – I don’t know how much this costs, but I would suggest taking this option – I spend a lot of time applying treatment to the cabin!


I would rate this cabin very highly, the space is great – and by adding extra insulation in the floor and roof, it’s pretty warm.  I have already recommended it to other people, and trades people who have come to fit the electrics etc have commented that they think the quality is really high. The customer service was also great – (although I got the impression that they were starting to loose patience with the questions I was asking by the end!)  I would highly recommend reading through all the information on the tuin website and following it to the letter as the advice is great and easy to understand. It really was easy to put the cabin together.

Yorick 10

Completed Yorick Log Cabin.