Tuin Agnes Log Cabin Review

Tuin Agnes Log Cabin Review

The Agnes log cabin is one of our most popular log cabins, Mr L was kind enough to review the building and send us some pictures of the build process.

Mr L wrote is review:

Beautiful practical cabin. The built in shed holds all your junk and garden clutter, so the cabin can stay clear for whatever you want to use it for. The cabin was easy to put up and we did most of it in a weekend with the help form a couple of friends and some beer. We used everything as supplied, and also the optional floor and free shingles which look great, and were easy to put on.
The only tricky area was the Double door into the cabin which took us a while to work out. I’m sending some pictures of our project so far, but we are sill adding furniture and exterior paint.

Blokhut agnes

Base for the Agnes log Cabin. Always ensure it is 100% flat and level.

Tuindeco agnes

Windows and doors are slotted into place as the wall are built up

Blokhut Tuindeco

Roof purlins go in, this is probably the hardest part of the build.

Agnes blokhut

Agnes roof boarded. Sometimes you will need to trim the roof boards a little.

Tuindeco blokhut agnes

The floor is always installed after you have built the main log cabin.

Tuindeco blokhut

The shed area of the Agnes with the floor installed

Blokhut Tuindeco agnes

The completed building. Treatment has started to be applied

Thank you Mr L for your review and pictures. I always enjoy seeing how a project progresses as are our customers. I hope you enjoy and have fun with the present we sent you.