Treatment of Log Cabins

Our climate exposes outdoor woodwork to changing weather conditions. To extend the life of your log cabin, we recommend to treat your log cabin with Emadecor and Embalan consecutively

  • All timber in contact with soil or concrete should be treated with tar or red lead before assembly. In particular the underside of the starting board.
  • All timber should be treated amply with the desired colour stain before assembly. The treatment of timber with a transparent wood conserving agent such as Embadecor will provide perfect protection to the wood. The pigments that are present in this product are resistant to sunlight and weather influences. The resins protect the wood against UV rays and moisture. Embadecor contains propiconazole, an effective substance offering protection against the adverse effects of molds that cause damage to or discolouring of wood. If timber will be finished with an opaque coating, treat with colourless Embadecor, colourless or green Embalit first to protect the wood against blue mold and wood rot. Then finish with Embalan opaque, eggshell and water-dilutable paint. Embalan is highly elastic, moisture-controlling and water-resistant.
  • Pay attention to board ends, cut sides, notches, rebates, tongue-and-groove locations, frames and doors in particular. Note: Perform this as soon as the packing is removed, as wood will commence absorbing moisture.
  • With transparent coatings, make sure to stain along the grain. This will prevent accentuation.
  • Always paint crosscut timber amply.
  • Always paint seams, cracks and joints amply, to avoid ingression of moisture.
  • In case of sawing, chamfering or drilling during assembly, treat bare parts immediately.
  • For a secure protection against outdoor conditions, in particular in relation to humidity, untreated timber requires a minimum 12mu coating layer. This thickness will mainly be determined by the non-volatile matter percentage in the stain used.
  • When staining your log cabin with transparent or opaque coatings, you will apply about 40 mu on average at a time. So you will need to stain your log cabin three times for a secure protection.

Advice on painting technique for Embadecor
Remove grease, dirt and dust from substrate.
Assuming the substrate is clean, dry, free of grease and solid.

First layer:
Treat complete substrate with colourless Embadecor or colourless or green Embalit NTK.
Then apply transparent Embadecor or opaque Embalan. Note: Sand lightly with fine sanding paper or scotch brite between layers.

Characteristics Embalan
• Both moisture-controlling and water-resistant
• Prevents forming of bubbles
• Easy handling
• UV resistant

Characteristics Embadecor
• Both moisture-controlling and water-resistant
• Prevents forming of bubble• Highly impregnating effect
• Easy handling
• UV resistant

Characteristics Embalan
• Based on water
• Colour: white and various standard colours
• Layer thickness : about 40 mu (dry)
• Repaintable after about 18-24 hours
• Eggshell gloss
• Theoretical efficiency : 16 – 18 m² per litre