Log Cabin Window Stays

Log Cabin Window Stays

I thought it was quite a simple thing asking one of our young lads to finish a cabin by putting on the locks, window stays etc. He hasn’t been with us for very long and is  learning how to fit to eventually be a member of the service team.

We were fitting an Emma Log Cabin as a learning building and everything had gone as expected and I was leaving him to finish off while I chipped off to do something really important somewhere else. After a short while he came to find me and asked ‘How do you do this’? while holding a stay.

I thought it was quite straightforward and hadn’t really thought it was a tricky thing to do but this was my instruction to him which may also help others finishing their log cabin:

Fitting a Window Stay in Log Cabins


The end of the window stay is normally hinged so it can be placed either left or right

Raambegrenzers tuindeco

Using the hinge we can either place the window stay to the left or right. It’s a choice of aesthetic and in the case of a corner log cabin such as the Emma log cabin it’s nice to have them either facing towards or away from the door.

Raambegrenzers blokhutten

If you’re working on your own, use a piece of timber to hold the window shut

Raambegrenzers 3

Centrally locate the window stay and place it on the two pins.

I like to use a slither of wood to raise the stay up from the securing pins slightly, it seems to work better and looks nicer at the end.

Raambegrenzers 4

Fix the stay to the opening window first making sure it is level and centrally placed for aesthetics.

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Open out the stay to fix the second screw.

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Lay the stay on the pins in it’s final position. Gently hold the pin in place with your finger as you lift it up again to fix the pin

Raambegrenzers tuindeco blokhut

Be careful not to move the pin too much as you lift up the stay.

Raambegrenzers tuindeco blokhutten

Screw one side of the pin and check it works.

Raambegrenzers 5

Some adjustment may be needed to make the stay apply the appropriate pressure to the window making sure it seals.

When we have finished we need to make sure there is some pressure on the stay and pins to ensure the log cabin window is sealing tight against the frame. If necessary after checking move one side of the pin out as in the above picture.

Raambegrenzers blokhut tuindeco

Fix the next screw after it has been rotated out slightly and then fix the next one, this will ensure there is some pressure on the window and is a handy technique when fitting these on your own.

Raambegrenzers blokhut tuindeco international

Raambegrenzers 6

The window stay will now be at an angle to the window so when the final pin is fitted there will be constant pressure on the window making sure it is permanently sealed to the frame


Some pressure is now needed to place the final pin, mark it and fix it into position.


Fixing the final window stay pin

Raambegrenzers tuindeco international

Log Cabin window stay in it’s final position.

Ideally when the stay is fitted it will be:

  • Centrally located
  • Facing towards or away from the door as is aesthetically pleasing with other window complimenting it
  • It should exert some pressure on the window to keep it sealed against the window frame

Please Note: The furniture fitted may not be identical to that received with your building as this was a training building but the process and style will be similar.