Log Cabin – Mr W

Log Cabin – Mr W

One of the best things I love about my job is building up a relationship with a customer and seeing the whole thing through to the end. From the initial email to questions and talking about it, then onto the sale, the delivery questions, and then onto the fit and questions involved with that. Maybe we made a mistake and something needs to be sent – we are only Human and mistakes can happen.
All of this creates a relationship and I love it, some customers I can really click with and I always go that extra mile for them as do the other staff.
Mr W is one of those customers, over the years I’m sure I have developed a sense of what people are like just by the way they write in their emails and I clicked with Mr W.
I think it’s because we’re perhaps a little similar and have the same interests. This is his newly completed Lukas Log Cabin and the pictures Mr W kindly sent me this evening:

Tuindeco 12

Mr W’s new log cabin with integral shed – The Log Cabin.

Mr W wrote; ‘We have a dyke surrounding our back garden, and we can look over this to the fields beyond from the position where the cabin is sited. Deer, Hares and rabbits abound in the fields and I am really looking forward to watching them all from the cabin.’

A man after my own heart, I love nothing better than just sitting and watching what is happening around me in my field and hut.

Here’s some more pictures of Mr W’s Log Cabin:

Tuindeco 13

Inside the log cabin, very cosy indeed and somewhere to watch nature’s goings on.

Mr W wrote: ‘Using spare timber that was used in the packaging for the cabin, I made two full length shelves in the shed half’

Tuindeco 14

A cunning use of left over timber from the pallets and spare timber in the shed side of the log cabin.

Tuindeco 15

A really nicely laid floor and another shelf, notice also the excellent placement of a vent

Tuindeco 16

Here we see Mr W’s view, a perfectly done roof and good guttering to a water but. A great install. You’ll also notice on the roof our solar panels powering the lights inside, they really are very good!

Mr W wrote to me this evening:

‘Cabin is almost complete now. Just a few finishing touches left to do.
We have been enjoying the peace and tranquility it gives this afternoon.
The Log cabin really was very easy to build, and thanks to you and your excellent after sales (and after hours) service meant that the build went without a hitch. I think the hardest part of the build was painting the cabin, inside and out. 5 liters of wood preservative and wood stain took us a little while to accomplish but that is all finished now, and it really looks great. Using spare timber that was used in the packaging for the cabin, I made two full length shelves in the shed half. I was going to use it to store garden furniture, but I think the other half has different ideas. I dare say she will win, and certainly the shelving will be used to store her threads, yarns and wools, that she will frequently use while ‘relaxing’ in the cabin. We have built the cabin overlooking a dyke that surrounds our back garden. Beyond that we have a fantastic view across fields and open countryside.

Very kind regards to you and your team’

It’s this sort of thing that I love, a relationship with a customer, a start, a middle and an end to a transaction and hopefully I’ll hear from Mr W again in a year or two to give me an update. So often I just do the sale and I hear nothing afterwards, an ending is rewarding so please always let me know how you get on.

Mr W, thank you very much and I hope you have a long and happy retirement enjoying your views. A Goodie box is winging it’s way to you as a thank you for being such a great customer and making me smile