Larch / douglas wood is logged in well-managed forests and is one of the most durable coniferous wood varieties. It radiates warmth and has a beautiful colour and structure.
This type of wood has a durability rating of 3-4 and is commonly used as construction timber, in housing and for facade constructions.
Its rough structure gives larch/douglas wood a very sturdy appearance.
Larch/douglas is a resinferous wood of which the core displays variations in colour from yellow-brown and pinkish to reddish-brown.
For a coniferous wood, larch/douglas is relatively dense.
Just like hardwood, larch/douglas will eventually turn grey and take on a weathered look.

Modular roofs

Design your own roof, garden house, carport, sauna, garage, open-sided barn and more with this unique modular system!
All components are supplied and pre-drilled to specification (with the exception of wall boards).
You can extend your basic package by using an extension set.
This can simply be shortened if required.
You can create numerous variations by placing walls and/or doors and windows.
All modules are made from A-quality planed, dried and core-free larch/douglas wood and are supplied including the required fitting kit and a comprehensive construction manual.
The following pages contain various illustrations and examples of outdoor structures with a fl at roof and open-sided barns with an apex roof.