Inside a Log Cabin

Inside a Log Cabin

I’m quite often asked what a log cabin looks like inside. I think maybe some customers think it looks like a shed with a frame, a bit ugly with bits protruding. A log cabin looks the same inside as it does outside.

This what a shed inside looks like:

The inside of a shed and perhaps not the most pleasant of places

It’s not the greatest looking thing, it will show the framing and has bits sticking out,  it can of  course be approved on with a lining but it still a shed.

A log cabin is a completely different proposition. It’s smooth, it’s planed with no rough edges. We make a big thing of choosing Spruce for all our log cabins and this makes quite a bit of difference in the look and feel of the building. It is a whitewood and maintains it’s light appearance. It doesn’t turn red like pine does with sun on it and the knots are a lot fewer. It also has the considerable benefit of mostly zero horrible pockets of sap hiding in the log. With Spruce it is unlikely you will see this in your lovely new log cabin:

tuindeco 2

Sap pockets are very rarely found in Spruce

Thankfully sap pockets are very rarely found in Spruce, Pine is a lot more susceptible to it so always check what your log cabin is made of, it makes a big difference when these buggers erupt!

So, lets see what a log cabin looks like inside, here’s a basic example:

Tuindeco 3

This is the basic inside of a log cabin with a floor fitted

Once your log cabin has been built this is what it will look like inside. Both the wall logs and floor is finished as planed smooth.

Here’s another picture, this is the shed side of a Lukas Log Cabin:

Tuindeco 4

Lukas log cabin shed area, our customer has made great use of left over timber to produce some shelves.

Here’s a peak at the Edelweiss log cabin mezzanine floor area:

Tuindeco 5

Edelweiss mezzanine floor

So that’s what a basic log cabin looks like, so lets see what customers have done with their buildings:

Tuindeco 6

Viggo log cabin, our customer is adding his beds onto his own laminate flooring.

Tuindeco 7

The Stromastand log cabin being used as a garden office

Tuindeco 8

This is the Rome log cabin, a family enjoying the building with a hot tub and it’s use is as a therapy room.

Tuindeco 9

Another view of the Rome log cabin being used as a therapy room

Tuindeco 10

Inside a Santrov log cabin, simple and practical.

Tuindeco 11

A nice sofa arrangement in one of our log cabins

Tuindeco 12

Our Stromstad log cabin being used for a therapy studio and office

Tuindeco 13

One of our log cabins being used as a pilates class room

Tuindeco 14

The inside of one of our Ingrid log cabin designed for a corner location.

Tuindeco 15

This is a picture of my Friends Henning log cabin – He now virtually lives in it much to his wifes upset.

Tuindeco 16

A simple scene from a Gustav log cabin.

Tuindeco 18

Our Edelweiss log cabin, a large and very versatile building.

I think you can probably get the gist now, log cabins are nothing like a shed. It’s smooth, sleek and very bright, you can create whatever atmosphere you would like to, just make sure you buy a Spruce one though!