Guarantee, Claims and Returns

Our carefully selected and valuable natural products are subjected to a thorough check. For small defects, such as distortions, differences of colour, cracks, as well as weather related deviations no claims can be made to any guarantee.

Tuindeco will not guarantee products that have been altered by the purchaser (improper, negligent or incompetent use) or when operation and service regulations have not been met.

Claims should be submitted without delay in writing, by using our Tuindeco Service Form. You can fill in the service form online, upon which you will automatically receive a confirmation email. Our Service Department will contact you as soon as possible to handle your complaint or remark.

For a sound and quick handling of your complaint, it is important that the service form is filled in completely and correctly. Furthermore, photos of the issue/ damage should be provided. Claims concerning log cabins require filling in package numbers.

Please submit your claim to Tuindeco on any damaged article or defect within 8 days at all times. Differences in quality (including wood rot, moulds and so on) are also included. Always check the packaging for any damages, defects and completeness before signing the packing slip. Do not forget to state the driver’s name on the packing slip. Reports later than 8 days will not be covered by our Tuindeco guarantee. Hidden deficiencies discovered after 8 days should be made credible by you (our customer).

Assignments for return shipments will only be given to the transporter by Tuindeco. The transporter has no obligation to cooperate with your request to return shipment. Return shipments that are not approved by Tuindeco, will not be accepted. Materials specifically ordered for you cannot be returned. Stocked materials and items (due to e.g. annulations of customers) can be returned, provided that it is undamaged, in the original packing and durable. The cost of handling and transport will be recovered on to the customer.

To prevent missing return shipments, you are requested to report the return shipment at our Service Department and to have it accompanied by below return label.

TD2014 retourlabels UK

Return labels are available via your representative and can mostly be obtained from the drivers of the relevant Tuindeco transporter.


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