What are the opening hours of Tuindeco?

Tuindeco is open Mondays to Thursdays inclusive from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Fridays from 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM.

Where can I order Tuindeco items?

Tuindeco doesn’t sell to individuals. Tuindeco sells its items only through its dealer network.

Where can I find a Tuindeco dealer?

You can use the ”Tuindeco retail outlets” menu to send an email to [email protected] Please feel free to ask your question here and you will get a reply from our Sales Team as soon as possible.

How do I become a Tuindeco client?

You can use the “Become reseller” menu to register your contact data with our Sales Team. Our Sales Team will then contact you for the sales opportunities. Of course you can also contact us by telephone.

How can I receive the Tuindeco newsletter?

You can utilize this service as a Tuindeco dealer. By communicating you email address to our sales internal services, you will automatically receive our newsletter. Tuindeco notifies its resellers of novelties and item information, as well as all special offers through this newsletter. It is also possible to download the newsletter to your mobile phone by using the Tuindeco app.

How can I download the Tuindeco app?

Tuindeco has designed a free app to notify its resellers on unique promotions, campaigns and information. This app is available for Apple and Android. Look for “Tuindeco” in your Windows or App store.

How can I order through the Tuindeco Webshop?

If ordering online, you need to have a user code. Contact your Tuindeco representative, who will set an appointment for a short training session.

Tuindeco Blogs

Tuindeco International would like to better inform its customers and end users through blogs on its products. We offer this extra service because Tuindeco International stands behind its products. But also realizes, that by giving good product information to its end users they can enjoy our products even longer.