Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Tuindeco has a wide range of garden furniture. Our hardwood and wicker garden furniture is imported from Asia. Garden furniture made of European softwood types such as pinewood / fir originates from central and northern regions of Europe. In its selection of products Tuindeco has established high standards of quality and quality control.

Wicker garden furniture
Wicker garden furniture has become very popular these past years. This is mainly because of the maintenance-free characteristics and diversity of colour combinations that are rarely available with wooden furniture. Tuindeco exclusively imports wicker furniture with a durable powder-coated aluminium frame (not steel), and special attention is given to the material thickness of the aluminium, the given dimensions and the completely sealed welds. Contrary to what is assumed by many, the aluminium frames are furnished with synthetic wicker / polyrattan that is completely braided by hand. Wicker has a strong resemblance with natural rattan, but it is much more durable and available in many designs, models and colours.

In addition to the mentioned quality of the wicker garden furniture, Tuindeco offers excellent quality cushions of above-average fabric thickness.

Teak garden furniture
Our teak furniture are machine manufactured form Indonesian teakwood. Teak contains protective oils and can therefore sustain outdoor use by nature. It does not need treatment. Weather conditions cause teak to assume a natural platinum grey colour. If desired, you can suppress this natural greying process by regularly applying special teak oil.

Hardwood garden furniture
Our hardwood furniture are machine manufactured from the Indonesian mahogany wood type. These are by default delivered ex-factory with a three-layer protective system. It is an oily substance giving primary protection. For prolonged protection, the product has to be provided with an additional layer of oil after having been taken into service. Small cracks and distortions may form. This is characteristic for these types of wood and can be considered as normal.

Red pine or whitewood (fir) garden furniture
Our red pine or whitewood (fir) furniture will be delivered impregnated. Impregnation will extend the service life of your furniture. Impregnation of our garden furniture provides protection against molds and other wood affecting processes, but won’t relieve you from maintenance. For a perfect finish of your furniture set, you could apply Grey Wash scaffolding wood stain on your “Grey Yourself” furniture. The Grey Wash provides a nostalgic colour to your furniture.