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Are dimensions of the supplied product exactly the same as on the picture in the catalogue or Webshop?

Tuindeco sells mainly natural products. In spite of strict selection procedures Tuindeco cannot guarantee the exactness of given dimensions. Moreover, products will also be treated (for preservation), which also affects the given dimensions.


The colour of the supplied product doesn’t match the colour in the catalogue or Webshop.

The colour of the supplied product doesn’t match the colour in the catalogue or Webshop.


Where can I see the latest novelties?

Every season new items are identified with “NEW” in our catalogue and Webshop. Additionally, our newsletters often feature novelties.


In summer quite a few cracks appear in the garden timber, can this do any harm?

No, it can’t do any harm. The natural warping of wood may cause cracks (lengthwise) and do not affect the quality or strength of wood. In humid weather conditions these cracks will mostly close.


I noticed little drill holes in my woodwork, can this do any harm?

These are so-called ‘pin holes’ produced by small xylophagous insects. Before the tree stem is processed into the end product, these insects were killed. So, it has nothing to do with woodworm and can do no harm.


Can I pose our garden fencing directly on the ground?

We recommend to pose your garden screens clear from the ground, to prevent wood rot.


How have Tuindeco garden screens been assembled?

The Tuindeco screens use stainless steel screwing (unless otherwise indicated in our catalogue or Webshop). This ensures the quality of our garden screens.


How can I built a Tuindeco natural fence?

Hardwood 9 cm wide posts are recommended for use as standards. Galvanized mesh panels (mesh width 4.5×4.5cm) will be fixed to the standards by using a mounting set. Subsequently fill the created segment of maximally 90x180cm with coarse stones or tree bark. To prevent bending of the mesh panels, we recommend the use of stainless steel mesh ties. Always pose natural fencing on a solid foundation, to prevent the filling being washed away.


Which Tuindeco items do I need to create a pannier?

Apart from the filling and mesh elements, we recommend purchasing a Gabion starter set. The starter set consists of a grinder spindle, ring pliers and rings, (to be able to fix the elements). Of course, these items can also be purchased individually.


How can I apply gravel products in my garden?

Many of the gravel and grit types are available in big bags. A big bag of gravel/grit will cover approximately 12-15m2 at a 3-5 cm thickness. We recommend the use of weed control mats under your gravel and grit types, to control weed and prevent sinking. We recommend to level and compress the substrate.


I would like to use different dimensions for my (nostalgic) wooden structure.

Tuindeco offers the possibility to supply you with timber sawn to specifications. Moreover, Tuindeco keeps a vast selection in stock of custom dimensions in larch/Douglas and façade coping sprayed in charcoal colour.


Which type of decking elements can I use in my garden?

By default, Tuindeco has 21 and 25mm decking elements in her assortment. Impregnated pinewood 28 mm and composite 21mm decking elements. Tuindeco composite is produced from 100% recycled material and consists of 60% wood and 40% synthetics. The elements are available in the following colours: charcoal, natural, grey antique and coffee.


Where can I find construction tips and/or assembly instructions on the Tuindeco website?

Under the product information menu you will find all construction tips and assembly instructions for our log cabins, summer houses and other items. Here, you will also find tips on maintenance and treatment.


In what wood thicknesses are Tuindeco log cabins available?

Tuindeco provides a complete log cabin programme in thicknesses 19, 28, 34, 40, 45, 50, 58, and- 70 mm. In addition to the large assortment of standard log cabins, Tuindeco also produces customised log cabins, chalets and garages on demand. Made-to-measure is provided in wood thicknesses 28, 34, 40, 44, 50, 58, 70, 92 and 140mm.


What do I need to use for the treatment of my recently purchased log cabin?

Tuindeco can provide you with a carefully selected agent for wood durability and protection. We recommend the stain Embadecor and Embalan. You might also choose to treat your log cabin yourself or have it sprayed with a priming coat . Another option is to have your log cabin impregnated in green, silver gray or brown by Tuindeco.


What advantages will present impregnating my log cabin to me?

Impregnating your summer house or log cabin will extend service life and will protect against moulds or other processes that affect wood, but this doesn’t relieve you from regular maintenance work on the log cabin. Impregnating constitutes no moist regulation, nor sealing capacities.


Can I paint my impregnated log cabin / summerhouse?

In due time your impregnated log cabin will naturally become weather-stained. All impregnated log cabins can directly be repainted in any desired colour. Impregnation won’t ensure wind tight and watertight isolation of walls. Painting will.


Can I have my log cabin / summer house primed by Tuindeco?

Tuindeco offers the possibility to have your log cabin / summer house sprayed in four colours. The priming colour depends on the finishing colour that you have chosen to apply. The colours to be applied are white, grey, dark grey and transparent pine.


Will the complete log cabin / summerhouse be sprayed with a prime coating?

All wall layers, windows and doors will be sprayed in the desired prime coating colour. Tuindeco will not spray the roof boards, since the upper side will be covered by the roofing.


How can I provide optimal protection for all my garden woodwork against changing weather conditions?

Tuindeco has included ecoleum and perkoleum in its assortment. Ecoleum is a protective agent for unplaned and finely sawn timber that has had no treatment. Ecoleum is particularly suitable for treating objects such as (field) barns, fencing, pergolas and sleepers. Perkoleum is a low-solvent, opaque or transparent stain for nearly all types of outdoor wood types, including summer houses, log cabins, chalets and façade woodwork.


Which customised products are in the Tuindeco range of products?

The Tuindeco programme for customization allows for the manufacture of carports, verandas, log cabins, summer houses and saunas in the sizes and design specified by you.


How wil I know which sauna heater will match best with my Tuindeco sauna?

When choosing the correct heater for your sauna, its size is important. Tuindeco offers a range of options for your heating system. For example, you can choose between wood-fired or multi-fuel heaters. Heaters with integrated control or a heating system with an external control unit.


Which advantages does a Tuindeco thermowood hot tub provide in comparison with the pinewood hot tub?

Thermowood is the result of sustainable and environment-friendly process, in which only heating is used to improve the characteristics of softwood. This treatment results in increased resistance to humidity, improved sustainability, improved inflexibility and lightweight structure.


How do I construct my Tuindeco playground structure?

The DIY playground structure packages represent quality and safety. Step-by-step you construct your own playground structure, in which there are endless varieties due to the playground accessories and modules. As the timber packages are concerned, it is possible to purchase these cut-to-size at Tuindeco.


Should I mount the walls to the Tuindeco playhouses/animal houses/bin storages myself?

All Tuindeco playhouses feature realistic details and a careful finish. Playhouses will always be supplied with pre-assembled walls. This also applies to all Tuindeco animal houses and bin storages.


All Tuindeco playhouses feature realistic details and a careful finish. Playhouses will always be supplied with pre-assembled walls. This also applies to all Tuindeco animal houses and bin storages.

Our hardwood furniture are manufactured by machine from the Indonesian mahogany or teak wood type. Teak contains protective oils and can therefore sustain outdoor use by nature. Teakwood can adopt a platinum grey colour because of weather conditions. Treatment is not needed, but should you want to suppress the natural greying process, you can apply dedicated teak oil, if desired. For prolonged protection of the mahogany wood type, the product has to be provided with an additional layer of oil after taking it into service. If desired, you can easily modify the colour of your furniture yourself as well: Degrease, lightly sand and then finish with an outdoor alkyl-based paint.


What is the difference between a modern and rustic teak dinner table?

The feature ‘rustic’ means that the table has got a distressed look with varying table shelf widths. Like this, every table will have a unique look.


Are Tuindeco cushion boxes watertight?

The Wicker cushion boxes have been equipped with synthetic damp-proof panels on the inside. In addition, a watertight insertable bag with zipper is at hand to keep your cushions free from water and dust.


Can I purchase mounting material from Tuindeco?

Tuindeco has a wide range of mounting materials to complement or fix your wooden product. For instance, you could think of the many locks and hinges. But there is an elaborate presentation of screen supports and screws in our catalogue/Webshop.


Which screws can be used best for hardwood products?

Tuindeco recommend the PFS+ decking screws. The extra hardened screw with drill head enables screwing into practically all types of wood, without pre-drilling or pre-screwing. The cutter ribs provide a perfect and taut finish.