Croft Log Cabin

Croft Log Cabin

This is going to be one of my favourite post and I know I’m going to enjoy writing it as it centres around a personal dream of mine. I would love to do what this lovely customer and her family are doing.
Mrs N, quoted as being an ‘Open Minded Mum’. Pooled resources with her daughter in law and son to ‘share energy sources (ground source heat pump, wind turbine etc) and to share work on a smallholding’. They bought a 64 acre croft together!
Please see Mrs N’s daughter in law’s blog for a really lovely story and some amazing pictures and my favoured base system, a timber frame raft with stilt supports. Her blog is entitled – Tighnanaeun – Tiny House in the Woods. It’s well worth a visit and a very enjoyable to read.
If you do visit you will see their own house construction, the lovely ‘open minded Mum’ Mrs N chose something a little different to theirs and has bought ourVlieland log cabin and will be living in it eventually. Until then as she tells me;
‘I am away at the moment working, but I can’t wait to get back and settle in’
‘The interior is going to be a bit of an Aladdin’s cave for the first while with sheep feed, tools and old ladies in it.’
Mrs N told a colleague of mine her son was a little jealous as his build is still going on whereas our Vlieland log cabin took two days. ‘The main bulk of the build was myself, our 74 year old amazing neighbour and my 20 year old son, it was good. Easy.’
These are the amazing pictures this lovely lady sent me following her build and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final pictures I’m promised when it’s all completely finished.

tuindeco 1

Log cabin package on the croft. I can only assume they must have had a tractor as there is no way our forklift could get there.

tuindeco 2

Marking out the base area for the log cabin timber frame base.

tuindeco 3

Amazing use of telegraph poles as a base support.

tuindeco 4

The perfect way of building a timber frame base. The first layer of wall logs have been added. If you are building a timber frame base this is the way to do it. Start with a perimeter frame. Support the main wall logs and then build from there incorporating your floor joists. One slight thing they are using the foundation beams we supply, this is not needed as the base is already accomplishing that task which is to protect the first log layer from contact with the ground.

tuindeco 5

The decking area has been laid and you can see how well built the base is. The floor joists are incorporated within the build. I cannot quite make it out but I assume they are using joist hangers which is the best way for the internal framing.

tuindeco 6

Starting to take shape! Notice how the walls at the front are bowing out, this often causes a panic for some builders but not these guys, they know it will all pull together once the top log is in.

tuindeco 7

Apexes are in and now the purlins are to go in which is often the trickiest part to do of any build.

tuindeco 8

Purlins are in and the excitement has ended, now it’s all the boring bits, adding the roof boards and finishing can take as long as the main build. I think they will have another day on top of this build until it is finished.

Roof boards are on and the insulation boards are ready to go on the roof. I’d love to know if this was the end of the first day or some point the following day.

tuindeco 10

The completed build and just look at that view. I’ve installed cabins in some grotty places but just look at that – amazing – I think I’d have put it up for free had I known I’d be working in that environment!

tuindeco 11

The completed build in two days and good enough to live in. A 58mm log cabin is a proper building with so many applications it can be put to. This has been an amazing build and a real pleasure for me to see and enjoy.

I’m incredibly jealous, something like this is a dream of mine. It makes my small field with my Shepherd Hut on look very inadequate but at least while I’m there I have some nature and quiet around me, one day though ….. 64 acres … WOW!

I would happily live in a 58mm log cabin, if it is correctly insulated in the roof and floor they are very cozy and are a ‘proper’ building as I refer to them.

Timber frame bases are my most favourite bases from all the bases you could use in a log cabin, they don’t impact on the environment, you don’t need costly concrete, it’s temporary and will never allow your building to rot. Plus they’re exciting or have I just revealed I’m a little sad getting excited over a timber frame base for log cabins?

You can also see another example of a timber frame base with Mr Teagues Edeleweiss log cabin project another one I got quite excited about …. oh dear .. there’s no hope!

I wish Mrs N and her family all the best in their croft and shared resources, I am incredibly jealous and one day I hope to live somewhere similar.

To finish, Just look at their toilet!

Affectionately know as the ‘Treebog’ – I love it! Another passion of mine …. um …composting toilets … everyone should have one!

Please visit their blog and you will see some wonderful pictures, I am now an avid follower: Tighnanaeun – Tiny House in the Woods

Nearly finished …. but not quite….

My colleague had a conversation about wood burners, stoves etc with Mrs N and I thought I would add Mrs N’s kind advice in case you are interested. I’m looking for one for my hut so I will be looking into them myself:

‘This is the woodburning cooker, with oven I was telling Jos about. Son in law ( a chef) and daughter have used it a lot, roasts, casseroles, soups, fry ups and it heats their house brilliantly, 3 kW. I just thought that  this type of cooker has been used in Sweden since 1800’s, a guy on this rig remembers his mum cooking on one in Norway when he was young. Surely it is ideal for ‘us’ cabin builders…  the help from the company in Sweden was great.’

Really finally … if you have an interesting build or even just a normal build please send me pictures of it and I will write about it based on your comments and story, we’ll shower you with presents, gifts and thank you’s. Mrs N has some nice presents heading her way which I hope she will be very pleased with.